Poison in Wuxia

Poison is a regular feature in Wuxia. As in most genres, it is Bad Form for the heroes to use such cowardly measures, barring the instances where the poisoner is tricked into drinking his own concoction or cut by his own poisoned weapon.
Most poisons start with the second category under “The Purposes of Poison” (PDQ# p.28). A regular “Poisoned” Plot Hook can be healed with a Challenge using an appropriate Forte like Doctor, Daoist, or even Wushu (after meditation, special exercises or some self-inflicted acupressure).
Wuxia poisons, as they are part of the historic “super science” of most Wuxia settings, can also lead to more fantastic results than just bodily harm. Victims can end up in a coma, find themselves unable to use their Inner Strength and thus their Wushu Forte, have their memory erased, or go into a berserker rage. Additionally, some poisons can only be healed by a specific antidote, often resulting in a sub-plot. Such “special” poisons count as “Vexing Misfortune”, net three Style Dice and a Plot Hook, e.g. “Poisoned: Inner Strength Locked” or “Poisoned: Can Only be Healed by the White Mountain Water”.